walkingmonk-2Back to the future

The more tech we have, and the more it advances, the more we fall behind – or so it may seem. Actually that is not true, experience does count, and technology can be controlled.

Merely because we are confused doesn’t make it go away.

For example, it is hard for me to tell what to call my job. It is less clear than before because it casts a wider net.  It is more of the same but different. Am I an ad agency, production house, web wonk, advisor or system administraitor? Maybe all of them and on certain days, something else.

Flash Backward
Webdaki is my business name. It came from the name of a web business I was partner to in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.

Fast Forward to 2018
From just making web sites, the business has grown into creative consultation, imaging and online functionality, specializing in WordPress. 

I offer creative technological consultation and design plus production for web, print, video and audio. My goal is to provide you with perfect pages, text, clips and web sites.

My free offer
Contact me today for a no cost first time consultation. Ask me any question you have about the internet, web sites, trends, software or whatever. Get an expert opinion for free. Call me directly at 415.461.9532 – my cell
or email at jwills@webdaki.com

Best Regards
James Wills


Photos: The collection of garden photos used in this version of webdaki.com all by J. Wills

Caption: Garden in Eastern Kyoto, Japan.